How to find used machines for your business

Navigating in the machinery market can be a jungle. We at Euro Machinery are here to help you ease the process and find the best used machine for your requirements.

Therefore, here are some aspects to consider before choosing your next recycling or flexible packaging machine.

Production capabilities

The machine should be able to produce the desired product. What is the end product you want to recycle, produce, extrude, laminate, slit or print on? How about the optimal speed, output and material? What should be the size of the end product? Maybe you are planning to use different kinds of plastic in your future products, as for instance biodegradable? That all must be considered.
The machine must of course produce the product in the most efficient way.
In addition to this, it should generate as little waste as possible while providing an optimal production output.

Budget requirements

On average you will save around 50% or more of your expenses by choosing to buy used instead of a new machine. Great deal, isn’t it?

Even considering transportation costs, loading and assembling costs, buying a used machine can still be the best economical option. The relocating and setup of a used machines can often be immediate or faster compared to buying a new machine. The delivery time for a new machine takes more than a year in most cases.

General technical condition

Although most machines we sell are in every good condition, and ready to install and run, some customers choose to buy machines that might need minor refurbishments. Whatever your needs regarding the state of the machine are, you would need to assess the machine with your own eyes. However, in these times when travelling possibilities are limited, we offer a very convenient option for you to see the “here and now” state of the machine – E-Inspection!
We can host Zoom, WhatsApp or similar app meetings and show you the machine in a real time production. Read more about it here!

Software and Technology

You should evaluate if you have the right knowledge and human resources available already when you buy a machine. Whether you buy a new or used machine, some training for the operators have to be considered. For instance, machine software differs from brand to brand and some machines are more labor intense than others. Hence, take that in consideration when you are planning your next purchase.

At Euro Machinery we can guide you through the whole buying process. Moreover, our employees are experts with more than 20 years of experience in the market. We have a wide selection of new and used recycling machines, bag making machines, blown film extrusion machines, cast film extrusion machines, laminator machines, used printing presses, slitters-rewinders , thermoforming machines and all sorts of equipment and spare parts available.

Let us find your next used machine! Contact us today!