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    For quick answers

    Where can I see the price of your machines?

    Thank you for your interest in our machinery and equipment we have for sale. 

    In order to give you the most accurate and up to date price we are happy to give you the price of a machine via email. We encourage you to contact us directly about the machine you are interested in and mention the reference number. Alternatively you are fill out the form on the machine product page and we will get in touch with you.

    You are also welcome to call or email us with the equipment you are looking for. Our knowledgeable sales department will help you find the machinery you require.

    How do I buy a machine?

    Thank you for your interest in one of our machines we have for sale. 

    In order to start the buying process we ask you send us an inquiry on the product page via the form. One of our sales managers will get in touch with your shortly. 

    If you need help finding the right machine, please send us an email or call, we are happy to help you. 

    How do I sell a machine?

    We are always happy to help you sell your machinery and equipment. To start the process you should contact us via the form on this page or feel free to call or email us directly. 

    Does it cost anything to sell a machine?

    We advertise and promote your machine for free. We take care of preparing the pictures and videos and specifications of the machine. We list the machine on our website, social media and weekly email campaigns. 

    How does transport work?

    Transport is a case by case basis and depends on the size and distance a machine should travel. We work with together with the buyer and seller to facilitate transport when a machine is being bought. We have many partners for transport and can help find a supplier to suit your needs.

    A reliable and green partner |

    Join us in championing a sustainable world! Our commitment to environmental excellence shines through as we specialize in trading pre-owned plastic recycling and converting machinery.

    By facilitating the integration of cutting-edge plastic solutions, we drive advancements in both flexible converting, corporate waste management and the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste. 

    Explore our range of machines and partner with us to shape a more environmentally conscious future for the plastic industry. 

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