Sorting Machines

Euro Machinery specializes in buying and selling high-quality used waste sorting machines worldwide. The most popular are colour and optical sorting machines. Our technical sales managers are ready to assist you whether you want to buy or sell machinery. See below machines available for sale, or contact us and let us know your requirements.

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Used Waste Sorting Machines

Our inventory includes pre-owned waste sorting machines, the most popular types are optical and colour sorters. The machinery allows for efficient and effective waste management in recycling processes. We offer many types of used sorting machinery.

  • Optical Sorting Machines: This machinery uses advanced optical technology for precise material identification and sorting.
  • Conveyor Belt Sorting Systems: These efficient systems have conveyor belts to sort materials based on specific needs.
  • Automated Sorting Systems: These highly automated systems efficiently run the sorting processes in recycling facilities.
  • Float Sink Tank: This type of machinery uses the density of different materials for sorting in floatation tank, making them ideal for numerous waste materials.
  • Color Sorter Machines: This machinery uses optical sensors and cameras to identify and separate different materials based on their color.

Besides waste sorting machinery, we offer many other pre-owned Recycling Machines. If you are searching for a specific machine, contact us and let us assist you finding the ideal machine.

Key Advantages of Secondhand Waste Sorting Machines

Acquiring pre-owned optical or colour sorting machines offer distinct advantages. Without a doubt, this machinery has:

  • proven operational capabilities,
  • reduced investment costs
  • decreased environmental impact.

At Euro Machinery, we provide top-quality used machines from leading European brands such as Redwave, Torch, S+S Sesotec, Sea Pixel, and more.

Euro Machinery as Your Trade Partner 

Dealing with Euro Machinery is secure, simple, and convenient. Our technical sales team can guide you through a secure, simple, and convenient process of buying and selling machines. Contact us today and let us help you find the right solution for your production needs.

Furthermore, if you need to sell sorting equipment or other recycling machinery, we can help you to sell this equipment. We have a large customer database, with many inquiries for used recycling machines and equipment. Please contact us for further information.