EM LabEx – Lab Extruders

Introducing EM LabEx from Euro Machinery: your solution for hassle-free plastic pellet testing to optimize production. With two models available - EM LabEx Monolayer and EM LabEx 3-layer - we cater to the growing need for testing bio-materials in the plastic industry.

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  • EM LabEx – Lab Extruders

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The laboratory extruder EM LabEx tests batches of plastic extrusion pellets before large scale production. The plastic industry uses more and more bio-material, therefore it is necessary to be able to test many different materials. Test of new types of PE and bio-PE pellets before placing it in the large main production, can save time and money. Furthermore, the result may be a better end-product, because when you test it will help you to find the best material for the task.  Moreover, extrusion productions can with a laboratory mini extruder test without slowing production down.

The EM LabEx Lab Extruders are offered in two different models: EM LabEx Monolayer and EM LabEx 3-layer.

EM LabEx is manufactured by Euro Machinery ApS. We invite you to take a look at the machines and contact us for more details if you are interested. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. See more on our website em-labex.com.