Euro Machinery buys and sells used plastic agglomerators. We offer a range of high quality agglomeretors of well-known brands such as Pallmann, Herbold, Weiss, CGE, Meltec, Amut Compa, BKG and others. See our available agglomerators below or contact us for assistance.

CGE Condro 600

REF 6939


100 kg/h

Weiss RL 900

REF 6943


2000 kg/h

Amut Compa 420

REF 6941


700 kg/h

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Quality Used Agglomerators for Sale

Euro Machinery buys and sells used plastic agglomerators of good quality and well know brands. At Euro Machinery we are always searching for your best solution, and we aim to offer high quality agglomerators of notable brands such as Pallmann, Herbold, Weiss, CGE, Meltec, Amut Compa, BKG and others. Undoubtedly, these brands manufacture high-quality agglomerators and equipment known for their manufacturing quality, technology, efficiency, and pellet property.

Before selecting the most suitable machinery and technology for your agglomeration process, it’s essential to evaluate specific needs. These definitely are: the type of plastic waste, the scale of operation, and the output. A plastic agglomerator prepares material for further recycling process. This can be extrusion or pelletizing.

We invite you to explore our current selection of used plastic agglomerator equipment or contact us directly. We assure to do our best to assist you in finding the ideal machine for your production needs.

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