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We are excited to present a wide variety of high-quality second-hand plastic machinery, available for immediate shipment directly from our warehouse to your facility.

Stretch Film Equipment

9388 HolloWrap Converting

REF 9388

Macro-perforating station for stretch films

Application: Macro perforation of stretch films hot perforation

Film thickness: 12 – 30 μ

REF 5713


Material: Stretch film

Working width: 400 – 500 mm

REF 5720


Material: Stretch film

Working width: up to 800 mm

REF 8701

Stretch film wrapper

Able to wrap unstable and light cargo, Covered with strong ABS covers

Wrapping height: 2500 mm

Extrusion Equipment

REF 3848

Calibrating basket – extrusion equipment

Calibrating basket/Bubble guide for
extrusion line. Electrical height and diameter adjustment. Very good working condition.

Materials: LLDPE, LDPE, LLD, HDPE, PP, other blends. Ready to be installed.

REF 3850

Calibrating basket for blown film

Bag Making Machines

REF 11119

Bag Making Machine

Type of bags: Bags on roll

Sealing width: 840 mm

Draw length: 1300 mm


REF 62373

Fully automatic channel baler

Volume throughput: 58 m3/h

Bale weight: 200 kg

REF 62371

Hydraulic horizontal bale press

Volume throughput: Aprox. 47 m3/h

Bale weight: 200 kg

Industrial Equipment

REF 11322

Air Compressor

Free Air Delivery l/s: 4.05 m³/min

Max pressure: 10 Bar

REF 8904

Absorption Dryer

7 bar

0,83 m3/min

REF 8409

Heat exchanger boiler

Heat exchanger for Cold air supply to Blown film Die Head

REF 3920

Air Compressor

Free Air Delivery l/s: 4.05 m³/min

Max pressure: 10 Bar

Punch Mold

REF 96100

Punch mold for disposable aprons

The EM Apron Punch Mold is suitable for production of disposable aprons that are used in healthcare

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