Inline Flexo Printing Machine

Euro Machinery buys and sells second hand stack inline flexo printing machines. A stack inline flexo printing machine is ideal for high-volume production with the necessity for a continuous workflow.

CMF 80

REF 4342



6 Colors

Material width

900 mm

Printing width

800 mm

Filippini Paganini Flexol 1200

REF 4340

Filippini Paganini


1 Color

Material width

1240 mm

Printing width

1200 mm

In line Stack Flexo Printer

REF 4327



4 Colors

Material width

2100 mm

Printing width

2100 mm

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Secondhand Inline Flexo Printing Machine

Unlike other  Flexo Printing Presses, an inline flexo press is a machine with print units stacked vertically. In turn, this allows for high-volume and high-quality prints, usually in one production line which combines a few processes. The inline flexo machine works seamlessly with other machinery, creating a complete production line. For instance, a stack inline flexo printer can work together with a bag making machine or a laminating machine. Without a doubt, that creates a continuous workflow and efficient production.

Inline flexo printing presses are an excellent choice for many industries. They are ideal where efficiency and versatility are paramount. In addition to this, at Euro Machinery, we offer second-hand inline flexo printing machines from well-known brands such as UTECO, CMF, and others. These machines can print on PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper, and other materials. Contact us today if you are looking for a secondhand press.

Key Features of an Inline Flexo Printing Machine

Inline Flexo Presses are an ideal choice for those who want to combine a few processes in one production line. Some features make it the preferred choice.

  • Efficiency and Speed: The inline flexographic machine assures efficiency due to the integration of processes and allows for the reduction of manual handling.
  • Automation and Workflow Integration: The inline flexographic printer features automation capabilities like automated material handling, registration control, or job setup.
  • Reduced Waste: The inline flexo printer allows for seamless integration of processes that minimize material waste. Additionally, placing machines in one line can save up floor space.
  • Enhanced Quality Control: The ability to integrate all processes in one line reduces the likelihood of defects and guarantees consistent print quality.

Inline flexo printers are diverse in their configurations and are an asset to many companies working in the flexible packaging industry. Contact us, if you are interested in any of the machines in our machine database or if you are searching for another type. Our sales managers will help you find the right machine.

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