How does it work?

Why should you do an e-inspection?

Let the machines come to you!
With an E-inspection, you can – from the comfort of your office – inspect the machine you are interested in.
It is fast, cheap and good for the environment.
During the E-inspection you can see the machine and ask questions directly. 


How does it work?

You find the machine that fits your production needs, either through our website, sales team or social media.


Receive information

We will send you detailed information regarding your selected machine.


E-meeting and coordinating

If the machine and budget match your expectations, then we will arrange a meeting – phone or online. As we do with our regular inspections, we will send you a standard customer negotiation agreement to sign. Then we will coordinate the time and date for the E-inspection with us, the seller of the machine and you.


And... Action

During the E-inspection, there will be either a representative from Euro Machinery, or a technician from the plant that will film the machine. You will have the possibility to see the various parts of the machine and ask questions directly to the seller.


Final negotiation

After the E-inspection, we will have an E-meeting where we finish the final negotiations and agree upon logistics and delivery terms regarding the relocation of the machine. If the machine checks all of your requirements, then we will send you a contract/order confirmation.

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We are European Leader in selling and buying used machines for flexible plastic as
recycling machines, granulators, flexo printers, Blown film extruders, slitter rewinders
and lots of equipment for the flexible plastic industry.