Recycling Machines

Are you looking for a used plastic recycling machine? We have many recycling machines for PE, PP, sale. The range of plastic recycling equipment for sale by Euro Machinery is wide. We have recycling machines, complete recycling lines, grinders and granulators, shredders, and washing lines.
Well-known brands such as Erema, NGR, Battenfeld, Plasmac, Macchi, and others.
Our customers are film and plastic producers who wants top quality recycling machines and extruders. We have many machines available in our database. We can help you to find the recycling machine that best suits your needs. Used machines for sale from Euro Machinery. We are northern Europe’s largest machine dealer. Euro Machinery is specialist in trading with second hand machines and equipment for flexible converting.

Buying used plastic recycling machines from Euro Machinery can bring several benefits.

Firstly, the machines are in excellent condition and have been thoroughly inspected and refurbished to ensure their efficiency and reliability.
This means that the used plastic recycling machines can perform at a high level, just like new machines, but at a lower cost.

Secondly, Euro Machinery specializes in European brands of used plastic recycling machinery, which are known for their high-quality standards, durability, and longevity.
This means that customers can trust the used plastic recycling machines to last for years and deliver consistent results.

Finally, Euro Machinery sells on a global scale, which means that customers from around the world can access their used plastic recycling machines and benefit from their expertise.

This also means that customers can find machines that fit their specific needs and requirements, whether it’s for large-scale operations or small businesses.
Overall, buying used machinery from Euro Machinery can offer cost savings, quality assurance, and global access, making it a smart investment for businesses in the plastic recycling industry.

  • Introducing a shredder machine from Genox Vision with 600 mm long rotor and diameter of 220 mm. The machine is in good working condition.
    Ref. No.: 6691

    One shaft shredder
    For wide range of materials
    Rotor: Length 600 x diam. 220 mm
    Knives: 23 pcs rotor, 4 pcs stator

  • Pre-owned plastic recycling machine from Erema is available for sale. Machine can reach output up to 1700 kg/h and features backflush double piston. The machine is in excellent working condition.The pre-owned Erema - Intarema plastic recycling machine with 160 mm screw diameter is available for sale. Schedule an inspection today!INTAREMA 1716 TVEplus for recycling PE, PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE. Schedule an inspection today!
    Ref. No.: 60455

    Screw diameter: 160 mm
    Output: Up to 1700 kg/h
    Degassing: Double

  • Pre-owned Erema repelletizing line with an output of 400 kg/h is available for sale.The plastic recycling machine from Erema is available for sale. Schedule an inspection today.
    Ref. No.: 60266

    Repelletizing line
    PE, PP, PS, ABS & other
    Screw diameter: 120 mm
    Output: Up to 400 kg/h

  • Compactor for filling truck with textiles is available for sale. Contact us for more information.
    Ref. No.: 629014

    Compactor for filling truck
    Material: Loose fabric
    Nominal crushing force: 500 kN

  • Introducing plastic recycling machinery - from washing and shredding to end product; plastic granules. This complete line can produce granules up to 600 kg/h. The line is in good working condition.Complete plastic recycling line available for sale.Plastic recycling machinery - shredding and washing line from Tecnofer.
    Ref. No.: 6813

    Complete recycling line
    Output: up to 600 kg/h
    Tecnofer – shredding and washing
    Gamma Meccanica – regranulation

  • Introducing the Vecoplan AG V-ECO 1700, a one shaft textile shredder with 180 shredding tools, and 132 kW motor. The machine is in good working condition.
    Ref. No.: 6681

    Textiles, used clothes
    Rotor: Lgth. 1660 x diam. 495 mm
    Cutter house: 180 shredding tools

  • Introducing a plastic crushing and washing line with output of up to 1500 kg/h! The line come with bale opener, grinder, label separator and other. The machine is in good working condition.The plastic washing line is available for sale. Schedule inspection today!
    Ref. No.: 6742

    PET, HDPE washing line
    Grinder: blades: fixed 4, moving 10
    Centrifuge: Motor: 45 kw
    Output: 1500 kg/h

  • Introducing the ORWAK Power 3620, a baling press machine with press force of 50 ton. Machine is in good working condition. Contact us for more information.
    Ref. No.: 62381

    Hydraulic baler
    Paper, plastic foil, cardboard, etc.
    Press force: 50 ton
    Bale: 1200 x 800 x 1140mm

  • The pre-owned plastic granulator with 1000 mm rotor is available for sale. Contact us for more information.
    Ref. No.: 63013

    Material: Plastic
    Rotor: Width 1000 mm
    Knives: 3 rotor, 2 stator

  • Introducing the Husmann MP 1300 TS, a stationary compactor for material volume reduction. The machine is available for sale.
    Ref. No.: 629013

    Stationary Compactor
    Filling opening 1.410 x 1500 mm
    Volume per stroke (cbm) 1,3

  • This granulating machine for plastic recycling is available for sale. The machine is in good working condition. Schedule an inspection today.This pre-owned Plastic Granulator Machine offers an impressive output of up to 500 kg/h, making it an ideal choice for many of the plastic recyclers. Schedule an inspection today.
    Ref. No.: 63010

    Granulator machine
    For all kinds of plastic
    Rotor: Lgth. 450, ø 800 mm
    Knives: 3 rotor, 2 stator

  • EREMA PC1514 TVE Plastic recycling machine for sale by Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 60453

    Screw diameter: 140 mm
    Double vacuum degassing
    Output: Up to 1400 kg/h
    Filter diameter 170 mm