Recycling Machines

Are you looking for a used plastic recycling machine? We have many recycling machines for PE, PP, sale. The range of plastic recycling equipment for sale by Euro Machinery is wide. We have recycling machines, complete recycling lines, grinders and granulators, shredders, and washing lines. Well-known brands such as Erema, NGR, Battenfeld, Plasmac, Macchi, and others. Our customers are film and plastic producers who wants top quality recycling machines and extruders. We have many machines available in our database. We can help you to find the recycling machine that best suits your needs. Used machines for sale from Euro Machinery. We are northern Europe’s largest machine dealer. Euro Machinery is specialist in trading with second hand machines and equipment for flexible converting.

  • Eurotecno Recycling Line | Linia do RecyklinguEurotecno Recycling Line
    Ref. No.: 60389

    125 mm Screw
    For PE and PP
    Up to 450 kg/h

  • Conveyor belt | Agglomerator machine for sale | Used machine | AglomeratorAgglomerator Machine for SaleAgglomerator Machine for Sale | KnivesUsed Agglomerator | Used Machine | Euro Machinery | Aglomerator
    Ref. No.: 6943

    Rotating disc, 2 knives on each
    Material: PE, PP, PS, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PET
    Many accessories & attachments!

  • Plastic shredding machine | used shredder | Euro MachineryPlastic shredding machine | used shredderPlastic shredding machine | used shredder
    Ref. No.: 6670

    One shaft with pusher
    Rotor: 1567 mm
    Output: Up to 700 kg/h

  • Granulator for All Types of PlasticGranulator for All Types of Plastic
    Ref. No.: 6376

    Motor type size: 160 kW
    Output: Up to 2000 kg/h
    15 Rotor knives

  • Shredding Machine for PlasticsShredder | Euro MachineryShredding Machine for Plastics | Shredder | Euro MachineryShredding Machine for Plastics | Shredder | Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 6671

    One shaft with pusher
    Rotor: 2000 mm length
    Output: 2000 kg/h

  • Used Shredder for Sale | Euro Machinery | Maszyna do Kruszenia Lindner recyclingShredder with one shaft
    Ref. No.: 6669

    One shaft with pusher
    Rotor: 1800 mm length
    For RDF material

  • Used shredder for sale | Euro MachineryUsed shredder for sale | Euro MachineryEuro Machinery | ShredderOne Shaft ShredderOne Shaft Shredder | Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 6668

    One shaft shredder
    Rotor: Length 1220 mm
    3x perforated screens different sizes

  • repelletizing machine | Maszyna do Recyklingurepelletizing machine | recycling linerepelletizing machine | recycling line | Maszyna do Recyklingurecycling lineLinia do Regranulacji
    Ref. No.: 60391

    Screw dia.: 105 mm
    Materials: PE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE
    Output: 300 kg/h

  • Small recycling for edge trimSmall recycling for edge trim
    Ref. No.: 60394

    Material that can be processed: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, waste film
    Screw diameter: 120 mm
    Diameter of pelleting holes: 3.5 mm
    Output: Up to 50 to 60 kg/h

  • Used Granulator Cosmecal Castoro for sale
    Ref. No.: 6390

    Material: PS
    Rotor: Length 400 mm x diam. 100 mm
    Motor type size: 6 kW
    Screen size: 8 and 10 mm holes

  • Used RECOTRIM recycling machine for trims and in-house factory waste
    Ref. No.: 60396

    Screw diameter: 80 mm
    Output: Up to 40 – 50 kg/h
    Feed speed: 120/130 m/min max

  • Używany aglomerator do tworzyw sztucznychUsed Plast-Agglomerator | HERBOLD CV50Used Plast-Agglomerator | HERBOLD CV50
    Ref. No.: 6942

    Output: Up to 600 kg/h
    Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PS, PA, PET