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The Rapid Growth of the Used Plastic Machinery Market

Used Plastic Machinery

The used plastic machinery market is rapidly growing, driven by both environmental concerns and economic advantages.

The demand for plastic machinery is on the rise. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years as indicated by the report from Modor Intelligence (2021). Plastic, known for its high elasticity and cost-effectiveness, fuels the development of advanced plastic technologies. However, this surge in plastic production also raises concerns about increased plastic waste, emphasizing the need for recycling as an ideal scenario.

Euro Machinery ApS, with nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, is witnessing the growing demand for used plastic machinery. In particular, used plastic recycling machines are gaining popularity for in-house recycling. Companies start reusing trims from their primary production, reducing waste and contributing to sustainability.

The growing interest in used plastic machinery may result from an increasing awareness of sustainability, the circular economy, the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) or simply the desire to save resources, including both money and time.

Advantages of buying used plastic machinery

Several compelling reasons support the consideration of investing in Used Recycling Machines.

  1. Durability and Cost-Efficiency: Machinery for plastic processing is designed to last. Many renowned European brands in plastics processing and recycling are known for their durability. Consequently, used plastic machines offer high productivity and an attractive price-performance ratio.
  2. Quick Availability and Resource Efficiency: Used plastic machinery is readily available for delivery and consumes fewer resources. This not only saves economic resources but also contributes to a more sustainable economy. It also has a positive impact on a company’s carbon footprint.
  3. Circular Economy Contribution: When a buyer maintains a used plastic machine in good condition, there exists the potential for its return to the market. This contributes to the creation of a circular economy, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders.

Euro Machinery: Your Partner in Second-Hand Machines

Euro Machinery ApS specializes in trading used plastic recycling and processing machines, leveraging nearly 25 years of market understanding and extensive experience.

Our primary focus is on various types of plastic recycling equipment: recycling lines, plastic granulators, shredders, plastic washing lines, sorting machines, waste balers, guillotines and other recycling equipment. We have a global reach and can assist you in buying or selling machines on a global scale.

Contact us for all your inquiries. Our team is multilingual and dedicated to finding the ideal machine to fulfill your production needs.