Plastic Recycling in Circular Economy

Every year Europeans produce around 58 million tones of plastic waste and only around 30% of which is recycled. Plastics are in products we consume everyday and make up a large amount of waste. The concept of circular economy embraces the idea that we should try to reuse our waste if possible. Reusing plastic is a friendly alternative to producing products with virgin material. In Europe there is up to a 70% margin to improve our plastic recycling.

What is Circular Economy?

The circular economy model has been embraced by the EU and has been included in future roadmaps for planning EU developments. But how does it work and how does it help?

In a linear economy products are produced and go directly to waste after they are used. This not ideal for the environment as it wastes resources and does not reuse what already is produced. In a recycling economy products are recycled after their use but then thrown out eventually. This is not better, because waste is minimized, however waste is still generated. Finally, the circular economy allows products to be reused more than once and ideally forever. In a circular economy little or no waste is generated because everything is reused, recycled or repaired.

The Importance of Recycling Plastics

As stated above, currently only 30% of Plastics in the EU are recycled. There is a big opportunity to reuse and recycle more plastic waste. The EU has stated that by 2030 all plastic packaging should be reusable or recycled. This will increase the amount of plastic that is recycled in the coming years. This is a big step in the direction of becoming a better recycling economy and also a step towards becoming a circular economy.

Euro Machinery Offers Recycling Machines

Buying a used recycling machine is a great way to be part of the circular economy, and we are committed to providing good quality used recycling machinery. Rather than building a new machinery, we can reuse the machinery we already have. This saves resources and the environment. The customer also gets a good deal on a good machine that has been proven to be productive. We are happy to help you to find a machine that can fit your needs. Please contact us or see our inventory of recycling machinery.