Sustainability in the Plastic Processing Industry

Sustainability in the plastic industry

Sustainability. The word is talked about a lot these days. But what is it, and how does it fit in the plastic processing industry?

Sustainability is the concept of developing goods, products and services that keeps the environment in focus. Seeing it as an exhaustible resource, how important it is to use these resources as rationally and as protective of the ecosystem as possible.
For us, it is a natural part of our business procedures. We work in 3 areas, where we do our best to contribute to sustainability. Firstly, buying and selling used machinery is, in and of itself, a sustainable activity. Secondly, some of the machines we sell are plastic recycling machinery. This way it is very satisfactory to work directly with one of the solutions for plastic waste, which is recycling. It obliges you, when you work with plastic recycling, and therefore the third way we try to contribute to sustainability is in our own behavior at our company.

We started selling Used Recycling Machines and other plastic processing machinery almost 25 years ago. We wanted to provide a global service which was founded on: faster delivery times, cheaper prices, and the best service on the planet!

This vision made sure we could help everyone with their machine-related needs. The biggest corporations to the smallest manufacturers, we could deliver reliable and price-sensitive machinery. 

Used Machines Support Sustainability in the Plastic Industry

It has turned out that buying used machines is not only faster and cheaper, delivery is faster, and insurance is much more affordable, but also more sustainable!  
Being sustainable is about ensuring a future for us all, our actions now have a long-term impact on the next generation. For us, it became a moral obligation.  

How do we do it?

At Euro Machinery, we strive to create a positive societal impact.

Everything we use and consume leaves a carbon footprint. Therefore, we primarily deal in used machinery to reduce and recycle these footprints. Buying used heavy machinery helps create less waste, saves natural resources and the energy it takes to produce such equipment.

As mentioned, the third way we try to contribute to more sustainability is how we carry out our everyday work life at Euro Machinery. We believe it is the small right choices every day that can contribute to a much better CO2 calculation.

Plastic companies are genuinely concerned about taking care of the planet’s resources – especially regarding the future of the next generations. This means that more regenerated plastic is being used in production, and here Euro Machinery ApS has vast knowledge about recycling machines and choosing the right one for the exact purpose. Recycling plastic takes 88% less energy than producing plastic from virgin raw material.