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Buy a used EREMA from Euro Machinery

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We buy and sell used EREMA recycling systems

EREMA recycling systems are high quality machines, and among the best recycling machines in the market. The machines make plastic waste into valuable raw materials.
Therefore, used and second-hand EREMA recycling machines are high in demand. Euro Machinery has as Europe’s largest machine dealer bought and sold many pre-owned EREMA recycling machines through many years.

EREMA recycling machines are build to last. Hence, a used EREMA is, even after many years, still high-performing. Furthermore, these machines are robust and have a long life producing high-quality plastic pellets. As a result, the pellets can be used for plastic products at a later stage.

We have a wide knowledge of each EREMA model and attachments, and have a broad experience in
guiding customers in buying used EREMA’s that are just right for their production requirements. Please contact us if you want to sell or buy an EREMA, we are ready to guide you through the buying process, which is secure and smooth. Read more about Euro Machinery’s buying process here.

Euro Machinery has many used recycling machines in our database, and the vast majority are published here on our website, you can see them here among other recycling brands. We are certain that we can find the right equipment for you. Whether, you need a recycling machine for in-house scrap or a machine than can extrude heavy contaminated material. Moreover, when it comes to recycling film and plastic, our technical sales team are specialists and ready to help you through the process of getting the right repelletizing machine.

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