Other Recycling Equipment

Euro Machinery buy and sell many kinds of recycling equipment. Here you find for instance screw compactors, agglomerators, pelletizer units, Balers, recycling extruders. If you have a request for recycling equipment please contact us.

  • underwater pelletizing for sale by Euro MachineryUnderwater pelletizing from Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 629002

    Underwater pelletizing
    PS, ABS, PA6, PET, PC, PA, PA66
    Output: Up to 2500 kg/h

  • Equipment for foam recycling with an output of up to 400 kg/h.Foam Cutting Machine in good working condition.Machine with installed power of 19 kW.
    Ref. No.: 629001

    For recycling foam materials
    Output: Up to 400 kg/h
    Power installed: 19 kW

  • Baling machine for used clothing and other textiles sold with conveyor belt.Baling machine for used clothing and textiles in good working condition.
    Ref. No.: 629000

    Hydraulic baling press
    For used clothes, and other textiles
    1 chamber, 1 conveyor belt
    Output: Up to 8 bales/hour

  • Used clothing baler for sale.Baler machine for clothes produces up to 20 bales per hour.
    Ref. No.: 62999

    For small bales of used clothing
    Vertical hydraulic rotary press
    2 chambers
    Output: Up to 20 bales/h

  • Backflush screen changer with an output of up to 1000 kg/h.This screen changer from Erema can be seen in productionErema screen changer with installed power of 3,6 kW.
    Ref. No.: 622001

    Type: Backflush filter
    Output: Up to 1000 kg/h
    Power installed: 3,6 kW

  • This recycling machine cuts soft materials such as fiber, textile, plastic films, non woven and other
    Ref. No.: 62997

    Textile, Fiber, Plastic films, nonwoven etc.
    Cutting width: 600 mm
    Cutting speed: 250 cuts/min
    Compressed material thickness: 180 mm

  • Baler press for sale by Euro MachineryBaler press for sale by Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 62372

    Power: 15 kW
    Power supply: 400 V
    Dimensions: 1050 x 1250 mm

  • Optical Sorter equipmentOptical Sorter for sale by Euro MachineryOptical Sorter machine for saleOptical Sorter for PET
    Ref. No.: 62146

    Segmented Metal Sensor
    High resolution CCD color line scan camera
    Nozzle bar with integrated high-speed valves

  • Guillotine cutter for plastic for sale
    Ref. No.: 62934

    Guillotine for 500 kg plastic reels
    Cutting area: 1200 x 1200 mm
    Clamping force: 45 t
    Working width: Max. 1500 mm

  • Cable recycling machine for cooper and aluminumEquipment for cable recycling.Copper and aluminum recovery kit with dry separation cables.
    Ref. No.: 62933

    Material: Cables – Cooper, aluminum
    Output: 50-150 kg/h, depending on cables
    Areas of application: Cable recycling
    Dimensions: 2110 x 1650 x 2500 mm

  • Tire recycling machine available for saleTire box by MTBUsed Recycling Machinery in good working condition with large capacity of 1t/h
    Ref. No.: 79001

    Capacity of 1t/h
    Consists of: Shredders, Granulator, Sorting Unit & other

  • Plastic extrusion screen changer used in recycling.Fimic screen changer available for purchase.Different screen dimensions for this Fimic screen changer.
    Ref. No.: 62232

    Backflush melt filter for plastic recycling
    Filter diameter: 500 mm
    Output: Up to 1200 kg/h