Used EREMA Recycling Machines

Do you need to buy or sell an EREMA recycling machine? Euro Machinery buy and sell used Recycling systems and machines from well-known European quality brands. Furthermore, we are Europe’s biggest supplier of used recycling machines for recycling plastic.

When you buy a used recycling machine, there are many advantages. Number one, the delivery time is lowered significantly, and the machine has already proven to produce well and efficient. EREMA Recycling extrusion lines are build to last, and as a result, new owners can look forward to many years of an efficient re-pelletising production. If you are looking for second-hand quality recycling machines, please contact us. We have many used EREMA recycling machines for sale. We can help you find the recycling line that suits your needs.

Whether you need to recycle in-house waste or contaminated plastic waste we have many machines in our database. Besides recycling plastic lines we have washing lines, shredders, granulators and much more. Contact us and we will be happy to help you find your next recycling machine. Do you have an EREMA for sale? Please send us information about your available machine and we will be happy to find a buyer for it, and we will market your machine through all of our channels.

  • Plastic pelletizing line EREMA RGA 160TErema RGA 160T plastic pelletizing line for sale by Euro MachineryPlastic recycling line EREMA RGA 160T-LF-Kaskade TE-HG
    Ref. No.: 60423

    L/D ratio:
    Extruder one: 25
    Extruder two: 30
    Screw diameter: 160 mm
    Output: Up to 1400 kg/h

  • plastic recycling machine EREMA PC 1514 TVE
    Ref. No.: 60435

    Material: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS,
    CPPand other PE formulations
    Screw diameter: 140 mm
    Output: Up to 1300 kg/h


  • This plastic pelletizing machine from Erema best suitable for large quantities of plastics. Output can reach up to 820 kg/h.Secondhand plastic recycling machine available for sale. Schedule an inspection.Erema machine in very good condition. Can be seen in production.
    Ref. No.: 60432

    Screw diameter: 120 mm
    Output: Up to 820 kg/h
    Degassing: Double

  • Secondhand Erema plastic recycling machine available for sale.Plastic recycling machine with FIMIC laser filter and double degassing.Plastic pelletizer machine with Fimic filter and 120mm screw diameter.Secondhand Erema machine available for sale.
    Ref. No.: 60430

    with FIMIC laser filter
    Screw diameter: 120 mm
    Output: Up to 600 kg/h
    Degassing: Double

  • Plastic pelletizer machine Intarema for sale by Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 60431

    Screw diameter: 90 mm
    Output: Up to 600 kg/h.
    Degassing: Double degassing

  • EREMA pelletizer with 70 mm screw diameter and output up to 350 kg/h.EREMA pelletizer sold with many attachments.Plastic pelletizer with screw diameter of 70mm for PP and PE.
    Ref. No.: 60422

    Material: PE, PP
    Screw diameter: 70 mm
    Output: Up to 350 kg/h
    Degassing: Double

  • Recycling line EREMA for sale by Euro MachineryRecycling machine
    Ref. No.: 60418

    Double degassing
    Screw diameter: 100 mm
    L/D ratio: 46.15 L/D
    Output: Up to 700 kg/h

  • Used Erema Recycling line with laser filter | EREMA PC1514 TVEUsed Erema Recycling lineUsed Erema Recycling line
    Ref. No.: 60412

    Output: Up to 1300 kg/h
    Screw Dia.: 140 mm
    Double vacuum degassing

  • used EREMA | linia do recyklingu tworzyw sztucznychused erema | linia do regranulacjirecycling machine for plastic
    Ref. No.: 60406

    Degassing: Double
    Screw diameter: 100 mm
    Agglomerator/Cutter Compactor

  • Plastic recycling machine from EREMAPlastic recycling machine for salePlastic recycling machine from EREMAPlastic recycling machine from EREMAPlastic recycling machine from EREMA
    Ref. No.: 60380

    Screw: 100 mm
    Up to 500 kg/h
    Double Degassing
    PE, PP, ABS, SEB

  • erema plastic recycling systems | EREMA recyclingerema plastic recycling systems | maszyna do granulacji plastikuplastic recycling machine for saleplastic recycling machine for sale | EREMA recycling | Maszyna do recyklinguerema plastic recycling systems | Używana maszyna
    Ref. No.: 60377

    Output: Up to 800 kg/h
    Screw diameter: 120 mm
    Material: PE, PP, PS, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE

  • Used Recycling line | EREMA PC 1310 TEUsed Recycling line | EREMA PC 1310 TEUsed Recycling line | EREMA PC 1310 TE
    Ref. No.: 60373

    Output: 500 kg/h
    Screw dia.: 110 mm
    Materials: PE, PP