Cast film Extruders

At Euro Machinery, we specialize in the purchase and sale of cast film extruders. Our cast extruders come from reputable machine builders, including names such as SML, Reifenhäuser, Nextrom, Tecnostar, Adtech Provera, Battenfeld, Reifenhäuser, Colines, Davis Standard and more. Below, you'll find a selection of cast film extruders with various configurations. If you're interested in manufacturing specific plastic films, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our technical sales team is ready to assist you.

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Used Cast film extruders

If you’re in the market for used cast extruders designed for cast film production for film of for instance cpp, stretch, pvc, you’ve come to the right place. Euro Machinery offers machines with diverse configurations capable of producing multi-layer cast films for various applications. Within our database, you’ll discover multi-layer blown film extruders that can create 2, 3, or 5 layers. There are several advantages of buying used machines from Euro Machinery.

Advantages of buying a used cast film extruder

Cost Savings: Used cast film machinery can be more budget-friendly than brand-new equipment because it often is a lower investment.

Immediate Availability: We have seen through the past years that waiting for the manufacturing and delivery of a new machine, can be difficult to oversee when it takes up to one year or more. A used cast extruder can be available within a few weeks.

Proven Performance: A used cast extruder have a proven performance and productivity. Furthermore, If you find a machine that fit your needs, Euro Machinery APS invites you to an online or physical inspection, where you can see the machine and its functions.

These are only few of the advantages, there can be more depending on the actual machine. Many of the cast extruder lines available in our database are well-equipped and complete with features like Edge cutting units, web guide rollers, thickness control and much more. If you need a cast film extruder, simply browse our database and inquire for more information. Upon your request, we will provide you with a comprehensive machine description. If it aligns with your requirements, we will prepare an offer for you.

Purchasing used cast film machinery from Euro Machinery is a straightforward process. We will support you throughout the entire journey. Euro Machinery have been trading with cast film machinery for more than 25 years. Our techinical sales team is ready to help you to find the right machine, that fulfill the specifications your company need.

Euro Machinery ApS buy and sell used cast film extrusion machinery to for instance produce PET film as stretch film, PP, LDPE and more. Contact us for more information.