Blown Film Extruders

At Euro Machinery we buy and sell used blown film extrusion lines on a global scale. We can help you whether you need to buy or sell blown film machines or cast film machines.

BRAMPTON Engineering

REF 33014




325 mm

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

2500 mm


450 kg/h

Tecom EXK 5

REF 30005

150 kg/h

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1300 mm

Screw Diameter

50 mm

Screw Diameter Range [Hidden]

50 – 100 mm

CMG 55/30

REF 30011

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1150 mm

CMG 55/30

REF 30012


55 mm

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1000 mm


130 kg/h

GAP K-2200

REF 33012

240 kg/h


Kiefel 120

REF 30001

Tecom EKX 65

REF 30009

CMG 40

REF 30002


REF 33011

150 mm

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1100 mm


150 kg/h

DOLCI 3-layer

REF 33006


REF 33005

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We Buy and Sell Blown Film Extrusion Lines

At Euro Machinery we buy and sell blown film extruders with different configurations from mono layer extrusion lines to co-extrusion lines. The film extrusion lines we have fall into these categories:

  • Mono layer extruders; ideal for simple films for packaging and bag making
  • Co-Extrusion lines; ideal for more complex films with more layers. We have blown film extruders that can produces from a single up to 9 layers.

Browse our machine database of film extrusion lines. Besides the blown film extrusion lines, we buy and sell cast film lines; ideal for cling films, stretch films, heat shrink films, CPP films and CPET films. Additionally, we offer other extrusion equipment as attachments. Examples of attachments are dosing units, die-heads, take off systems, calibrating baskets, and much more.

Our mission is to find the best available used film extrusion lines in the market of the best European brands. We work with brands as for example Alpine, Macchi, Kuhne, CMG, Tecom, Omicron and many more.

The advantages of buying pre-owned blown film extrusion lines and equipment are that the machinery already proved its production capabilities, it is a lower investment, and buying second-hand reduces the environmental impact.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Blown Film Extruders

There are quite a few things to consider before purchasing a film blowing machine.

  • Type and Configuration of the Machinery – What kind of extruder line should it be? How many layers should it be able to produce? The number of extruders should be considered, as well as the die design. Everything depends on the film specifications that your customers inquire, including material type, thickness, width, clarity, strength, and barrier. Ensure the extruder you choose can meet your production demands and if the machine have the output capacity needed.
  • Quality Control – Consistent cast – or blown film quality must also be ensured, with example automatic thickness control and gauge monitoring.
  • Maintenance and Durability requirements should also be considered. For instance, how easy is it to get spare parts? Choosing a machine from a reputable manufacturer known for durability and quality is important.
  • Space – Before the purchase of blown film extruders, it is important to ensure that you have adequate space for the machine, and that your production facilities meet the required utility connections such as electricity, air, etc. You must also ask the supplier of the equipment about cost and logistics of dismantling, transport, and installation.

This is some of the circumstances that you must consider when you are seriously interested in a blown film machine. Next step is naturally to see the machine either in via an online inspection or a physical inspection.

How we can assist you in buying second-hand extrusion lines

Buying or selling used film extrusion lines with Euro Machinery is easy. Our team of skilled experts will help you to find the right machine and ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Our business process is straight forward and simple, and we support you through the whole process of buying used equipment. We are a financially sound company that have existed for more than 25 years.

At Euro Machinery, we have many years of experience in moving machines from A to B on a global scale. We can support you through the whole process of logistics and planning it.

If you have special inquiries regarding film extrusion lines or want us to help you searching for a specific machine, please contact us. We have a large global network that can support you in buying the right machine.