Mono Layer Extruders

At Euro Machinery, we buy and sell single layer film extrusion lines for simple film production. Advantages of a monolayer extruder machine is surely simplicity and cost-effectiveness. If you need assistance finding the ideal machine for your production needs, contact us.

Tecom EXK 5

REF 30005

150 kg/h

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1300 mm

Screw Diameter

50 mm

Screw Diameter Range [Hidden]

50 – 100 mm

CMG 55/30

REF 30011

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1150 mm

CMG 55/30

REF 30012


55 mm

Take Off Take off height of the extruder

1000 mm


130 kg/h

Kiefel 120

REF 30001

Tecom EKX 65

REF 30009

CMG 40

REF 30002

Macchi 45

REF 3287


REF 3285

Tecom 70

REF 3275

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Mono Layer Extruders

If you are in the business of plastic film production, and you are seeking for a monolayer extruder machine, then you have come to the right place. Overall, we have extruders that can produce from mono or single layer plastic film to multi-layer plastic film. We buy and sell both blown film extruders as well as cast film extruders. We also offer other types of Extrusion Lines. Contact us if you need help with finding the ideal machinery for your production needs.

Choose a mono-layer extruder for straight-forward film production

A monolayer or single-layer blown film extrusion machine produces, as the machine category indicates, a single layer of film. These kinds of films are often used for straight-forward products as for instance:

  • Packaging films for bags
  • Wrapping or shrink films
  • Agricultural films
  • Consumer products
  • Construction films
  • Medical films, and much more.

The versatility of mono-layer films makes them suitable for many kinds of applications.

The monolayer blown film extruder can produce film of various types of thermoplastic materials as for instance polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and more. The advantages of producing plastic film on a mono-layer extruders are cost-effectiveness, and therefore a good choice for more simple film requirements.

How Euro Machinery can help to choose the right mono-layer blown film extruder

At Euro Machinery we buy and sell second-hand mono-layer blown film extruders. There are many European machine builder brands that are known for building high quality machinery, as for instance: Hosokawa Alpine, Reifenhäuser, Windmöller & Hölscher, SML, Kuhne, Macchi, Bandera and many more.
Our mission, at Euro Machinery, is to find the best machinery on the market for our customers. We have many years of experience in searching and finding the right machines. Contact us if you are looking to buy a mono layer extruder, we are ready to help.