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PET Recycling Machine by EREMA – Vacurema

Are you looking to produce rPET pellets? The Vacurema machine by EREMA stands as a beacon of excellence, producing food-contact-compliant rPET pellets. In addition, EREMA, a distinguished European brand from Austria, is at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art recycling machines, making significant strides in sustainable plastic recycling solutions. 

The Remarkable Features of the EREMA Vacurema Recycling Machine

EREMA’s Vacurema Recycling machine is a pioneering bottle-to-bottle recycling system ideal for PET and HDPE materials. Our company, Euro Machinery, specializes in procuring and offering used Vacurema machines and systems. Undoubtedly, the allure of opting for a pre-owned machine lies in its rapid availability and lower investment cost compared to purchasing a brand-new counterpart. Furthermore, EREMA is renowned for engineering machines that prioritize quality and efficiency, ensuring a long lifespan for all their products.

The Versatility of Vacurema Recycling 

The Vacurema machine comes in a range of variations, each meticulously designed for recycling various materials including HDPE bottle flakes, PET bottle flakes, PET flat film production waste, PET material mixtures (including virgin material), PET skeleton production waste, PET strapping production waste, and PET virgin material. In addition EREMA’s Vacurema machine has successfully achieved an impressive milestone in producing food-contact-compliant rPET, with the potential to utilize up to 100% of recycled material in new bottle production. 

Advantages that Set Vacurema Apart 

The Vacurema, PET Recycling Machines offers a plethora of advantages that ensure an exceptional output: 

  • Flexibility in Input: Adaptability to various parameters such as IV values, moisture levels, densities, and more. 
  • Stable Output: Consistent IV values and color, delivering a reliable product. 
  • Energy-Efficient Process: The complete bottle-to-bottle process is remarkably efficient and energy-saving, contributing to sustainability. 
  • Low Energy Consumption: Significantly reduces energy consumption, enhancing cost-effectiveness. 
  • No After Crystallization Required: The need for post-processing crystallization is eliminated, streamlining operations. 
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs: The robust design and engineering of EREMA machines ensure low maintenance requirements. 

Explore Our Selection of Erema Plastic Recycling Machines 

Are you seeking a second-hand Vacurema– PET recycling machine from EREMA or other plastic recycling machine? We invite you to peruse our wide range of offerings on our website. Euro Machinery is your trusted partner for procuring and selling used machines, spanning flexible converting, injection moulding, thermoforming, plastic recycling machines, and much more. Feel free to get in touch with us to explore our available inventory or discuss your buying and selling needs. 

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