PONTI 3 layers

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Co-Extrusion line Ponti

Used co-extrusion line PONTI 3 layers with take off of 1850 mm wide. Includes thickness control and gravimetric weight control system DSM. Excellent condition PONTI 3 layers. The blown film extruder can be seen in production. Brand & Model: PONTI 3 layers Materials to be processed: LLDPE/LDPE/LLD/HDPE/PP/Borstar/Metallocene/Borcene/other blends Extruders: 60 mm + 75 mm + 60 mm Inverter Controlled Head: 3-Layer blown film die head Die diameter: 350 mm, IBC Die Gap: 1,2 mm Output: Up to 300 kg/hour depending on material formulation Air ring: Yes with thickness control Take off: Take off 1850 mm wide Oscillating nips: Rewind: ✓ Double winder, fully automatic back-to-back rewinder ✓ Reels diameter up to 1000 mm ✓ Winding width 1800 mm Blown film extruder’s accessories: ✓ Tower ✓ Web guide ✓ Side Gusseting ✓ Gravimetric weight control system DSM ✓ Components blander ✓ Dosing units main +2 additive on each extruder ✓ Loaders MOTAN ✓ Thickness control OCTAGON ✓ Calibrating basket ✓ Corona-treater MARTIGIONI ✓ Air shafts Euro Machinery specializes in blown film extrusion machines. We are happy to help you find the machine that suits your needs. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. The blown film extruder can be seen in production! Schedule an E-inspection today!
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