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Exciting Innovations regarding Alpine’s Film Orientation Line and High Barrier Film production


Euro Machinery ApS is the official representative of Hosokawa Alpine in Denmark and Sweden, which is a world leading and innovative machine producer within film extrusion. Hosokawa Alpine develops extrusion and film production methods to meet the challenges of today, where the demand from film producers is:

  • Sustainability without loss of quality.
  • Saving resources while improving products.
  • Cost-saving methods.

The latest film producing innovations

Hosokawa Alpine works along with partners to produce full PE packaging solutions of single-material class, which can be easier recycled in the circular economy for new end products.

Hosokawa Alpines contribution is high-end film orientation technology, the proven MDO (Machine Direction Orientation), which play a crucial role in manufacturing high-performance PE laminates, that substitutes BOBST and PET films. The monoaxial orientation method helps produce a strong PE barrier film with characteristics as:

  • High stiffness
  • Increased oxygen transmission rate
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Reduction of film thickness

Join the webinar with Hosokawa Alpine and its partners
Hosokawa Alpine would like to give insight in solutions that create and produce high-barrier, recyclable MDO PE mono-material. Get the insight on the soon coming up webinar.

Join the webinar – Get the free access here

On October 6th we are inviting you to a very exciting webinar about innovations and new solutions in the high barrier film and MDO film field ”High barrier, recyclable MDO PE mono-material: Discover BOBST & Partners solutions” which is hosted by Hosokawa Alpine, Bobst and Dow.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how these companies are developing innovative High Barrier, Recyclable MDO PE Mono-material solutions – and how they can revolutionize your production.

You will also discover:

  • How resin optimisation is fundamental to achieve required film performance
    • How MDO orientation technology for blown film lines helps converters develop smart solutions
    • How BOBST metallizers have been optimized to handle MDO PE
    • What is the BOBST MDO PE Solution and how it can help you overcome sustainability challenges

What is MDO?
MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) film is a film that is heated and stretched in a particular orientation. The method increases the films capabilities and the result is a very strong film. MDO film is widely used as packaging material, as sanitary products, diapers, and other hygiene products.

The process

  1. Heating section where the film is brought to the ideal temperature by heated rollers.
  2. Stretching section where the heated film is stretched between two rolls in the required stretching ratio and orientation.
  3. Annealing section with annealing rolls that reduce the stresses that have arisen during the stretching process. New film’s properties are locked in and made permanent.
  4. Cooling section where the film is cooled while compensating the thermal shrinkage.

MDO materials are more durable and lighter than other film. As MDO process requires stretching the film, it demands less raw materials and resins, therefore it is cost saving costs and resources for film producers. As it is lighter than usual film, it also saves transportation costs.

Another important MDO feature is the patented TRIO technology “Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation” which provides significant material savings in edge trimming. The technology ensures:

  • Up to 70% less neck-in
  • Outstanding roll quality
  • Optimal properties for further processing

About Hosokawa Alpine

HOSOKAWA APLINE is a company known for its high German quality standards and ongoing innovations. “Sustainability without loss of quality. Saving resources while improving products.”– these are just some of the principles Hosokawa is working after, helping companies all over the world to reduce their carbon footprints and be more sustainable.

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