Hosokawa Alpine World Leading producer of Blown Film Machinery

Hosokawa Alpine produces blown film machinery for the high performance packaging film industry. The company provide the most efficient and profitable blown film extrusion systems in the industry. The extruders make it possible to tailor film properties for modern applications. Just to name a few film possibilities, Hosokawa Alpine produces extruders that can produce: Re-sealable packaging, film used for modern pouches, bags, compression packaging, stretch film, lid film and thermoforming film, cereal film, film for heavy cargo, fine shrink film, and much more. Euro Machinery represents Hosokawa Alpine in Sweden and Denmark.

  • MDO - Machine Direction Orientation from Hosokawa Alpine
    Ref. No.: Hosokawa Alpine

    Optical properties, haze and clarity
    Improved barrier properties


  • Hosokawa Alpine Die head for sale
    Ref. No.: Hosokawa Alpine

    Premium-Quality film
    Thermal homogeneity
    High throughput

  • Hosokawa Alpine Blown film Extrusion
    Ref. No.: Hosokawa Alpine

    Multi-layer film
    5 – 11 layers
    Barrier film