Mac Bubble

Extruders: Off-line system
Layers: 2 layers
Output: 170 kg/h at 47g/m2
Max. width 2000mm

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Multi Layer Bubble Wrap Line for sale

Used Bubble Wrap film line from Mac Bubble. This cast film extruder is made for  LDPE films, with an output of 170 kg/h and great width of 2000mm.

Manufacture & model: Mac Bubble

Materials to be processed: LDPE

Extruders: Off-line system

Bubble size:

  • 10x4mm
  • 10x25mm

Output: 170 kg/h at 47g/m2

Layers: 2 layers


  • Max. diameter 600mm
  • Max. width 2000mm


  • Automatic
  • Max. diameter 1100mm
  • Max. width 2000mm


  • Pre-cutting station
  • Water heating unit and chiller
  • Oil boiler for diathermic oil
  • Perforation unit
  • Crane for upload roll

Technical information:

Overall installed power: 110kW
Feeding voltage 380volt/50hz + N
Air max. pressure: 6bar
Air max. consumption 750lt/min

The Bubble Wrap Film Line is in good working condition and can be seen in production!
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