Used co-extruders for sale by Euro Machinery. Well-known brands such as CMG, Dolci, Kiefel, Alpine, Ghioldi, and others. Please find all our available co-extruders below.

Do you need to produce film of more layers? We have many blown film extruders for sale with a different amount of layers. Take a look at the different extruders we have available on our website. If you are looking for specific configurations, please contact us. Our technical sales team is ready to help find the right extruder. If you have well-maintained extruders for sale , we would also like to hear from you very much. Send us information, photos, videos about the machinery.

  • Complete blown film extrusion machine from Windmöller & Hölscher available for sale.5 layer blown film extrusion with 2100 mm wide take offThe machine is in really good working condition and comes from clean environment.5 layer blown film machine for LDPE, LDPE/EVOH/LDPE.
    Ref. No.: 33007

    Extruders: 70+50+60+50+70 mm
    Output: Up to 650 kg/hour
    Take off: 2100 mm wide

  • CH-Coex blown extruder for sale
    Ref. No.: 33005

    Screws: 55mm + 65mm + 55mm Ø
    Output: Up to 160 kg
    Take off: 1100 mm

  • CMG blown film extruder for saleCMG blown film extruder for sale
    Ref. No.: 33004

    LDPE; HDPE; LLDPE; Bio materials
    Screws: 35 + 55 + 35 mm Ø
    Output: Up to 180 kg
    Take off: 1200 mm

  • Blown film extruder CMG for saleBlown film extruder CMG for sale
    Ref. No.: 33003

    LDPE; HDPE; LLDPE; Bio-materials
    Screws: 50 + 70 + 50 mm Ø
    Output: Up to 250 kg
    Take off: 1100 mm

  • blown film extruder machine for sale by Euro Machineryblown film extruder MAM winderblown film extruder machine MAM 3 layerBlown film extruder | MAM 3 layerBlown film extruder | MAM 3 layer
    Ref. No.: 33002

    Die diameter 220 mm
    Output: Up to 200 kg/hour
    Take off 1800 mm wide

  • Ghioldi Co-ExtruderGhioldi Co-Extruder
    Ref. No.: 3496

    3 Layers
    Take Off: 1400 mm
    Automatic Winder

  • Blown film extrusion line | Omicron
    Ref. No.: 3495

    Die diameter 245 mm
    Take off: Rotary take off 1900 mm wide
    Rewind: Single winder 1900 mm wide

  • plastic film extruder | wytłaczarka do foliiplastic film extruder | ekstruder do produkcji foliiblown film extrusion line | ekstruder do produkcji foliiwytłaczarka do folii
    Ref. No.: 33001

    Take off: 1400 mm
    Winder: double,
    fully automatic back-to-back rewinder

  • 3500 KUHNE Green Line 5-layer co-extruderKUHNE Green Line 5-layer co-extruder line KUHNE Green Line 5-layer co-extruder line 
    Ref. No.: 3500

    Extruders: 72 + 60 + 72 + 60 + 72 mm, L/D 30
    Head: 5-Layer blown film Die head, fixed Die head
    Die diameter: 350 mm; inserts for 1.5mm and 2.8mm

  • Bandera 2 LayersBandera 2 Layers
    Ref. No.: 3498

    2 Layers
    2 Extruders
    Die diameter: 1200 mm
    Take off: 3500 mm

  • Co-Extrusion line Ponti 3 layerCo-Extrusion line Ponti 3 layerCo-Extrusion line Ponti 3 layerCo-Extrusion line Ponti 3 layer
    Ref. No.: 3480

    Extruders: 60 mm + 75 mm + 60 mm Inverter Controlled
    Head: 3-Layer blown film die head
    Die diameter 350 mm
    Output: Up to 300 kg/hour

  • Linia do koekstruzji folii | CMG Sc-1755 REV.CCo-Extrusion Line | CMG Sc-1755 REV.CCo-Extrusion Line | CMG Sc-1755 REV.C
    Ref. No.: 3492

    Materials: LDPE, HDPE
    Take off: 1700 mm
    Output: 700 kg/h