BEMA and ACTA Bale opener 

The ACTA Bale opener 

BEMA’s ACTA Bale opener is a game-changing machine for plastic waste recycling. As a result, the machine’s design enables it to process plastic bales quickly, thus reducing the need for manual labor and increasing production output. This makes it a great investment for companies looking to improve their recycling capabilities.

One of the best parts of the ACTA Bale opener is its low CO2 footprint. The machine’s design focus is sustainability, and BEMA has gone to great lengths to ensure that the machine is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The ACTA Bale opener has a low energy consumption. Additionally, it uses an eco-friendly hydraulic system, which reduces the amount of CO2 emissions during operation.

High efficiency

In terms of production output, the ACTA Bale opener is an impressive machine, capable of processing between 2-8 metric Tonnes of plastic waste bales per hour. This high output rate makes it a great investment for large recycling companies looking to streamline their operations and increase production.

Specializing in high quality

In conclusion, BEMA is a company that commits to a more sustainable and innovative recycling industry. This is why a collaboration between our two companies seems like a great fit. At Euro Machinery, we strive to provide our customers with the most satisfying and efficient solutions to their production needs regarding machinery.

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