Tecnova – recycling lines

Tecnova – recycling lines

Tecnova – recycling lines

Main features
Tecnova is an Italian brand known for its quality, modern and innovative technology.

Tecnova has more than 30 years of experience in the market. The focus of the company is on environment friendly solutions, saving energy and resources, and providing a superior quality for money.

The specialization of Tecnova is excellent quality plastic extrusion and recycling lines.
The company is providing post-industrial recycling lines and post-consumer recycling machines, as well as machinery accessories.

The most sold machine models are:
• 54D-FTTC
• 37D-FTTC


Tecnova produces machines and equipment for these applications:

• Extrusion lines for compounding
• Pelletizers
• Recycling plants for sorted waste
• Recycling plants for mixed waste
• Single screw extruders
• Twin screw extruders
• Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles
• Extrusion lines for flexible hoses

At Euro Machinery we have extensive knowledge and a broad experience with trading Tecnova machinery. We trust the brand quality and recommend Tecnova. If you have Tecnova machines to sell please let us know.

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