SIKOPLAST Plastic Recycling machines

Sikoplast Machine

Highlight on a quality plastic recycling machine

Euro Machinery promotes machines for the plastic recycling and flexible converting industry. We come across many quality brands and see many machines in function. As a result, we have good insight in brands as EREMA, NGR, Starlinger, Tecnova, Gamma Meccanica, Prealpina, SIKOPLAST and many more. Here at our site, we want to highlight the good brands, and now we have come to the quality brand SIKOPLAST.

SIKOPLAST in Germany develops plastic recycling machines that are strongly build and deliver first-class plastic pellets. We at Euro Machinery have some machines of this brand available, and we must say that the way machines are build with regards to quality and versatility impresses us.

What first meets the eye when you look at a machine from SIKOPLAST is the open robust construction. This type of construction makes the machine easy to operate and maintain, and furthermore he machine is just simple to access.

Description of the machine brand

SIKOPLAST recycling machines comes in many sizes. As such, the company delivers machines with output from 30 kg/h to more than 1300 kg/h. Furthermore, the recycling machines are modularly and can therefore fit the producer’s needs. Therefore, the machines can be useful for either in-house recycling or for critical material. For more complex material the extruder can have degassing zone (s) and vacuum pump (s). Furthermore, melting filters and dosing stations is also a possibility for even more up-cycling of the pellets.

Feeding can be done via a feed pipe, conveyor belt, or a draw-in roller. The regeneration extruder has a bunker silo which is on the infeed area. The silo works as buffer and ensures a constant material throughput. The recycling is in other words a single process where the extruder is fed with shredded or granulated material via the silo. There is no thermal and oxidative preloading of the feed material, and the feeding can be discontinuous.

The SIKOPLAST is modularly constructed, which makes it easy to adapt to the customers wishes. SIKOPLAST also builds plastic washing systems for heavily soiled plastic waste. The washing machines from SIKOPLAST can take care of many different plastic types from bottles, film technical plastic and other materials.

Available SIKOPLAST machines

Euro Machinery have two excellent machines available from SIKOPLAST. One is a recycling extruder and the other is a washing system for plastic. The SIKOPLAST machines we have for sale are extremely well-kept, and comes from a very clean environment.

Euro Machinery buy and sell many different brands and machines for plastic recycling. We buy and sell the best brands of machinery to recycle plastic as EREMA, NGR, Starlinger, Tecnova, Gamma Meccanica, Prealpina, and as described here SIKOPLAST, and many other good brands. Tell us about your plastic recycling challenge and we can guide you in the right direction. Contact us here.