Sell Your Machines With Euro Machinery

Euro Machinery can help you to sell your used machinery. We specialize in the flexible converting and plastic recycling sector and are always on the lookout for machines that meet our buyers’ requests. Currently, we are searching for used machinery for sale in Europe with the following specifications:

Searching for flexible converting machinery

  • Wicket bag machine – for bread bags
  • Arvor 1250
  • Bottom seal bag making machine – roll-to-roll width up to 2900 mm
  • Guilliotine – Fimic Echo 60
  • Flexo printer – 8 colours, gearless, 1300 mm
  • Monolayer extruder – 2200 mm width
  • Small monolayer
  • Extrusion line for creating Film for FAS Bag making machines
  • Extrusion line for laminating and coating

Searching for plastic recycling machinery

  • Erema – 120 screw, 800 kg/h, newer
  • PE Granulate dryer
  • Fimic RAS 700 filters
  • Lindner Micromat shredder

Choose Euro Machinery to sell your used equipment online in Europe and worldwide

Euro Machinery, a leader in Northern Europe, has assisted customers worldwide in finding the right machines. Specializing in buying and selling used equipment for flexible plastics, including recycling machines, granulators, flexo printers, mono-layer and co-extrusion machines, and thermoforming machines, we cater to a diverse range of industrial needs.

With a network of potential buyers for machines and plastics equipment, we actively seek machines in the flexible converting and recycling sectors to fulfill specific requests. Euro Machinery facilitates the sale of single machines, individual items, complete processing lines, and entire plant facilities.

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