Plasmaq – Recycling Systems

Plasmaq drying system.

Plasmaq – Recycling Systems

Plastic Recycling Systems from Plasmaq.

Plasmaq is a Portuguese company with more than 25 years of experience in the plastic recycling industry, and operates international and have customers within the recycling industry world-wide. The company produces recycling systems as for instance plastic washing lines, shredders, granulators, and drying systems. However, all the machine types are rational build, thus robust and easy to use. Furthermore, Plasmaq have experience designing machines for any purpose, wether the material is plastic, wood, metal, rubber, etc.

Plasmaq is famous for the Plasmaq MRH 90.125 granulator and the Plasmaq MRE 45-150 2 P shredder. Plasmaq’s newest machine is Plascompact, which is a new drying system for plastic film.

Plasmaq’s drying machine ensures a quality recyclate, and saves energy up to 75% compared to other drying systems.

Plasmaq is also know for their granulators, which are robust and can be operated in shredding pipes, containers, materials with compact substances and fiberglass materials etc.

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