EM LabEx build with sustainability

Euro Machinery uses Schneider components for the EM LabEx

The people behind Euro Machinery ApS have build a laboratory extruder to test the qualities of plastic film. The name of the extruder is EM LabEx. It is build with the best materials of the best quality and with sustainability in mind. Therefore, Schneider Electric is the main supplier of the electrical components for this test extruder. They are the most sustainable company in 2021 according to Global Knights.

Many companies upgrade

Nowadays, many plastic companies upgrade their production facilities to meet the green transition requirements of our world. The companies in the plastic industry implement the sustainable development goals, and they find better ways to produce plastic. This means using alternative material as recycled plastic and plastic made of bio-material.

When alternative plastic becomes part of the production it can raise a need to test the quality of the end-product. The EM LabEx is build with one mission, to help film extrusion companies as well as recycling companies to save time and money, while they ensure quality in their production.

A smaller extruder can be the right machine to use for tests

Instead of using the large scale production plant to test, a smaller extruder can be the right machine to use. The EM LabEx can be set up within a few hours, it uses less material and less power. It reconfigures easily to new material formula, and is like plug-and-play.

Moreover, EM LabEx has customers all over the world. Here Schneider Electric is also the right choice. This is because of the easy access to spare parts anywhere in the world, and also because of Schneider Electric’s secure connect feature. This feature makes it possible for EM LabEx to help customers remotely all over the world.

If you have interest in knowing more about our collaboration with Schneider Electric or our laboratory extruder, see the video. Naturally, you are also welcome to contact us.