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Some times it can pay-off time-wise and money-wise to e-inspect a machine. But is it safe to buy a machine online without seeing it physically?

An e-inspection is safe with Euro Machinery ApS, and here is why.

The process of an e-inspection is similar to a real-life inspection. Euro Machinery has experience with e-meeting with business partners around the world, and we use apps to e-meet with people around the globe. Euro Machinery have been successful in showing machines via videos, and we often have real-life meetings with business people. We, as a company, build long and trustworthy business relationships via modern communication technology every day.

It is very easy!

If you see a used machine here on our website, that meet your requirements, you will by contacting us get more information about the machine. If everything is perfect – it is time to meet. As an alternative to spending time on travelling, and take a week out of a busy calendar, it can be a good idea to e-meet. When you are interested in a machine we will invite you to an e-meeting and discuss the basics of the machine and answer your questions. After the e-meeting, if everything is alright we will arrange an e-inspection.

The Process.

1. Find the machine.

You find the machine you need on www.euro-machinery.com, and request through our website.

2. Receive information.

You will receive detailed information from your contact from Euro Machinery ApS

3. E-meeting and coordinating the E-inspection.

If the machine and budget is good for you we will arrange a meeting – phone or online. We will discuss more in detail and come to terms. After our meeting, we will send you a simple customer negotiation agreement to sign, to avoid misunderstandings. This is also the procedure for normal inspections. Then we will coordinate time and date for the e-inspection with Euro Machinery, you and the seller of the machine. We will charge a minor fee to cover the costs of the e-inspection, which will be refunded if the machine is purchased by your company.

4. And action.

On the agreed date, a representative from Euro Machinery or technician from the plant where the machine is installed, will film the machine running. At the same time, you will here have the possibility to tell the contact person, what you would like to see on the machine, have him or her to zoom in and out while you watch it.

5. Final negotiation.

After the live video e-inspection we will have an e-meeting where we finish the negotiation, and agree on logistics and delivery terms regarding the relocation of the machine. If the machine fulfills your requirements, we will send you a(n) contract/order confirmation.

It is very easy and not much different from a physical inspection. However, together we save time and money.


Due to a large number of e-inspections, we offer this possibility to customers that are seriously interested in buying a machine. A minor fee will be charged to cover the costs, and will be refunded upon purchase of the machine.

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