FAS- Bag Making Machine

FAS Bag Making Machines

FAS- Bag Making Machine 

Main features

The Swedish brand FAS is a convertible plastic company which was founded in 1978. The main specialization for FAS is bags on roll machinery like garbage and freezer bags. The FAS company has a broad range of products and applications, for example, winders, pallet cover applications and perforators. In North America the brand is known as PECO roll bag making machines. FAS machines are very precise offering variety of containment options, they are efficient and made to produce as less waste as possible.

The high-quality bag roll machines that FAS offers are robust and with a low cost of producing garbage bags using recycled material.Therefore, it enables trash bags producers to operate machines easily due to its simplistic design.

Most sold machines models

  • IW 1100
  • PU500 + TW475
  • FAS DW 230
  • B900E19
  • CT5000
  • SP500/800



  •  Wave-top bags
  •  T-shirt and draw-type bags
  •  Drop cloth bags
  •  Garbage bags
  •  Winding units
  •  Starfold bags
  •  Industrial/building application


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