Promeco Eco Centrifuge 680

Basket diameter: 680 mm
Separation of water from plastic


Used Centrifuge

To separate water from plastic.

Method of operation:

  • Input material is loaded into a small feeding bunker where a screw doses, and leads the material into the rotary dryer basket rotating at a very high speed.
  • Material is dewatered and the water is collected at the bottom of the machine.
  • A screw inside the basket allows the advancement of the material, and the continuous cleaning of the internal surface of basket; moreover it continuously mixes the material.
  • The entire structure can bear heavy loads.

Material that can be processed: Plastic films PE-PP; Mixed plastics; RDF; Tetrapack

Basket diameter: 680 mm

Areas of application: Separation of water from plastic. Continuous process

Output material: From intake of material with 30% of humidity to output of material with 8% of humidity

The machine is in excellent working condition!
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