Reifenhauser / Extruder fi120 LD30

Capacity: fi 120 mm L / D 30
Motor: 174 kW DC motor


plastic film extruder

Extruder machine is in great working condition and can be seen in action.

Brand & Model: Reifenhauser / Extruder fi120 LD30

Processed materials: LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE

Description: Extruder fi 120 mm L / D 30, installed on the line for the production of blown film.

Equipment: frame, gear, bimetallic cylinder, grooved intake sleeve, worm, 5 heating zones, ceramic heaters, 5 fans, extruder main drive controller, electrical cabinets, charging cooling, cooling water circuit installed, gears and charging sleeves, full documentation, drawings

plastic film extruder | Additional equipment:

  • spare 174kW AC motor
  • spare cylinder
  • spare auger

Capacity: fi 120 mm L / D 30

Motor: 174 kW DC motor

Condition: complete, efficient, working

Extruder machine can be seen in production. Contact our sales area representative and get more information.