Mono Layer Extruders

Used mono layer extruders for sale by Euro Machinery. Well-known brands such as Alpine, Macchi, Kuhne, Windmöller & Hölscher, Ghioldi, and others. Please find the available machines below. We buy and sell monolayer blown film extruders. If you are looking for new laboratory mini extruders, please take a look at our sister company EM LabEx

The monolayer extruders we have in stock can process HDPE, LDPE, and many can also process bio-degradable material.

Euro Machinery trade with many kind of extruders for plastic film production such as cast film extruders, co-extruders, and laboratory extruders. WE work on a global basis, and buy and sell machinery to many countries.

We are also looking for well-maintained monolayer extruders of European brands. Therefore, if you want to sell excess machinery please contact us.

  • Blown film extruder with 900 mm wide take off.Blown film extruder for LLDPE/LDPE virgin and recycled.Machine sold with many attachments.
    Ref. No.: 3287

    LLDPE/LDPE also recycled
    Screw diam.: 45 mm
    Output: Up to 55 kg/h
    Take off: 900 mm wide

  • Monolayer Film ExtruderPlastic film extruder with screw diameter of 65 mm.Plastic film extruder with film width up to 1200 mm.
    Ref. No.: 3279

    Screw diam.: 65 mm L/D 28
    Output: Up to 100 kg/hour
    Die diameter: 200 mm

  • monolayer blown film line winder for saleused blown film extrusion line ATAC
    Ref. No.: 3285

    Die diameter 200 mm
    Output: Up to 75 kg/hour
    Take off 1250 mm wide

  • film extruder for saleextruder mono layer
    Ref. No.: 3284

    Die diameter: 250 mm
    Output: Up to 75 kg/hour
    Take off: 1300mm

  • Monolayer blown film line Bandera for sale by Euro MachineryMonolayer blown film line Bandera for saleMonolayer blown film line BanderaMonolayer blown film line for sale
    Ref. No.: 3283

    Extruders: Screw diam: 50 mm
    Output: Up to 100 kg/hour
    Take off: 900 mm wide

  • Blown film extruder in good working condition.Film blowing machine with double winder.Film blowing machine available to be purchased.Blown film extrusion line available to be purchased.
    Ref. No.: 3281

    Materials: LDPE/Compostable
    Screw diam: 65 mm; L/D 30
    Take off: 1600 mm wide
    Die diameter: 300 mm

  • Monolayer film extruder.Monolayer film extruder.
    Ref. No.: 3282

    Die diameter: 900 mm
    Take off: 4000 mm wide
    Screw diam: 120 mm; L/D 30

  • Blown film extruder - Tecom MonoblocBlown film extruder - Tecom MonoblocBlown film extruder - Tecom MonoblocBlown film extruder - Tecom Monobloc
    Ref. No.: 3278

    Extruders: Screw diam: 40 mm
    Head: Rotating Blown film die head
    Die diameter: 120 mm
    Output: Up to 80 kg/hour

  • Monolayer extrusion line KFM ECOMonolayer extrusion line KFM ECOMonolayer extrusion line KFM ECO
    Ref. No.: 3276

    Extruders: Screw diam.: 60 mm/ L/D= 30xD
    Die Gap: 150 mm=1.3 mm/ 200 mm= 1.8 mm
    Output: Up to 100 -150 kg

  • Used Mono-layer extruder Tecom 70 | wytłaczarka do folii | monolayer filmUsed Mono-layer extruder Tecom 70 | monolayer film
    Ref. No.: 3275

    Extruders: Screw diam: 70 mm
    Die diameter: 250 mm
    Output: Up to 150 kg/hour
    Take off 1500 mm wide

  • blown film extruder | Head | Euro MachineryEuro Machinery | monolayer blown film extruderHead blown film extruder | Euro MachineryBlown extruder | MAM | Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 3274

    Materials: HDPE/BIO/LDPE/MDPE
    Output: Up to 300 kg/hour
    Screw diam: 70 mm

  • Monolayer extruder - General Plastics
    Ref. No.: 3266

    Die diameter 250 mm
    Die Gap: 1,9 mm
    Output: Up to 110 kg/h
    Air ring: Dual flow air ring