Monolags Ekstruder

Ekstrudere: Snegl/snekke .: 60 mm
Dysespalte: 150 mm=1,3 mm/ 200 mm= 1,8 mm
Output: Op til 100 -150 kg

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Et-lags ekstruder – blæst film mærke KFM ECO

Type: KFM ECO EX-60 13-180

Materials to be processed: LLDPE/LDPE/MDPE
Line specially made for freezer bags production

Extruders: Screw diam.: 60 mm/ L/D= 30xD

Head: Blown film die head

Diam. of the die plates: 150 mm + 200 mm for narrow and wider bubble production with ultrasonic wide sensors

Die Head: Fixed

Die Gap: 150 mm=1.3 mm/ 200 mm= 1.8 mm

Output: Up to 100 -150 kg/hour depending on material formulation and cooling

Air ring: Air ring type (PLASTCONTROL)

Haul: Fixed

Take off: 780 mm No gasset /1100 mm gasset

Thickness range: 20-100 micron

Installed power: 65 kW/400 V/50 Hz

✓ Rewinder type: Windmoeller & Hoelscher
✓ Reels diameter up to 800 mm

✓ Tower
✓ Dosing units (Volumetric Shini/ 2 components)
✓ Calibrating basket (Manual)
✓ Gusseting device
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The Monolayer extrusion line KFM ECO is in excellent condition and can be seen in production!
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