MAM – Mono Layer Extrusion Line

Screw: 70mm
Take off: 1700mm
Output: 210 Kg/h

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Mono-Layer Extruder MAM

Blown film extrusion for PE, bioplastic and compostable materials

MAM Mono Layer Extruder for sale and can be seen in production, contact us to set up a machine inspection.

Type: MAM ESKB 70

Materials to be processed: LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/BIO-Plastic & Compostable With internal Air Exchanger

Extruders: Screw diam. 70 mm

Head: Blown film die head Die diameter 220 mm

Output: Up to 210 kg/hour depending on material formulation

Air ring: Dual flow air ring

Take off: 1700 mm wide Oscillating nips Automatic cutting


  • Double winder, fully automatic stack rewinder
  • winding width 1700 mm


In good working condition, can be seen in production.