Full granule storage system

6 siloer – 26 tons hver
Silo opbevaring


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Silo-sække – opbevaring til plastikpiller

Silo for storing pellets. Machine is in good working condition.

Complete plastic granule storage system
Storage in 6 different silos-bags
Dedicated weighing system for each silo

Material feeding:

  • Big Bags
  • Sacks emptying machine
  • Tanker truck

Sacks Emptying system: A full pallet of 25kg sacks can be fed to the machine, the machine will cut-open all sacks and emptying the granule material into the transportation system. Fully automatic machine

Silo for pellets | System elements: 

  • 6 Silos-bags with capacity of 26 tons each
  • Metal structure for Silos-bags
  • Star valves
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Compressor 22kW
  • Weighing cells
  • and other. Contact us to get full list.

Plastic pellet storage system, silos, machine can be seen in production.