Used machinery


Used machinery

Buy used

Euro Machinery offer you all the required services that are necessary to successfully complete the entire process of buying and/or selling
equipment for flexible plastic converting, recycling, or thermoforming.
We have over 25 years of experience on the market, and we sell and buy plastic machines worldwide.

The Process

Search and choose

The available machines for flexible plastic converting and
thermoforming are advertised on our website, presented at
exhibitions, or presented in our machine list which is send out
a few times a month.

Contact us

If you are interested in a machine, please contact us.
If one of the machines fulfil your required
specifications, we will send you an offer
with a description of the machine and a price.

Inspection of machinery

We would love to introduce the machine to you. We can present the machine by a physical presentation or by an e-inspection where we show the machine using a video app.

E-inspections also cuts down on travel time, costs and is a much greener alternative.

Final negotiation

After the inspection we will negotiate for all parts to reach an agreement. We have services regarding logistics, dismantling, and replacement of the machine. Upon agreement these elements can be a part of the final agreement.

Sell used

Let us help you sell your excess machinery!

We have contacts and customers from around the world.

    Don't just take our word for it

    Here is what our customers say

    A reliable and green partner |

    Euro Machinery is proud to offer quality secondhand recycling machinery that can support businesses in pursuing environmental sustainability. We aim to keep used equipment in circulation and give it a second chance at a new life.  


    By facilitating the integration of cutting-edge recycling solutions, we drive advancements in both corporate waste management and the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste.


    Explore our range of eco-friendly machines and partner with us to shape a more environmentally conscious business with a focus on plastic recycling.