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Sustainable Blown Film Production

Join us on an exciting journey with Euro Machinery & Hosokawa Alpine!

At Euro Machinery, we are not just agents; we are believers in cutting-edge and innovative technology that drives sustainability. Our journey with Hosokawa Alpine in Denmark and Sweden exemplifies this commitment.

Our strong belief in their products stems from over a decade-long relationship, during which we have seen Alpine’s MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology revolutionize film production worldwide. This technology has become a cornerstone in creating recyclable films, a crucial step in reducing our environmental impact.

The Secret of Our Success 

How to Achieve Sustainable Blown Film Production

What is the secret behind our partnership? It is simple – customer-centricity and quality. For instance, Alpine designs MDO blown film lines to fit the specific needs of our customers. The key lies in three unique features that Alpine offers:

TRIO Technology: This ensures the best flatness and roll cylindricity.

Stretch Gap Flexibility: It reduces neck-in for optimal film quality. 

Vacuum Technology: Ensuring the best flatness and process stability. 

This stretching process enhances film properties, such as barrier properties, transparency, and processability. It reduces raw material consumption and increases efficiency – a win for both sustainability and your bottom line. 

Looking to the Future 

With Alpine’s new MDO line and a dedicated research and development laboratory, this technology is prepared to meet the evolving challenges of the film industry head-on. Hosokawa Alpine is not just following trends; they are shaping the future of Sustainable Blown Film Production.

Join us in this journey towards sustainability

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