MAS CDF500D Continuous Melt Filter




3000 kg/h

REF 622008

MAS CDF500D Continuous Melt Filter

Used continuous melt filter for sale in good working condition, with an output of up to 3000 kg/h, depending on material. Brand & Model: MAS CDF500D Continuous Melt Filter Material that can be processed: PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE Areas of application: Removes wood, paper, non-melting foreign plastics, rubber, aluminum, and similar contaminants from the melt stream. Method of operation: The melt passes through a filtration disc with self-cleaning, conical bore holes. All contaminates, which do not pass through the holes, remain on the rotating filtration disc until they are lifted off by the static scraper system. The scraper pushes them into a discharge screw, which eventually discharges all impurities from the filter. Filter diameter: 2 x 510 mm Filtration: Active filtration surface 3280 cm2 Output: Up to 3000 kg/h, depending on material Number of heating zones: 6 Filtration fineness: 90 – 1000 µm Second hand MAS continous filter available for sale. Contact us for more information.
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