Tecnova ES160 R37 D DEG

Output: 1000 kg/h
Single degassing
Screw dia.: 160 mm


High output recycling equipment

Plastic Recycling Line

Used machine sold with many different attachments and accessories!

Material that can be processed: PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC

Screw diameter: 160 mm

L/D ratio: 37 L/D

Output: Up to 1000 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

Degassing: Single degassing

Screen changer before the Die: Laser filter

Material feeding system: Hopper

Extruder hopper type: Force feeder

Pelletising system: Water ring pelletising system

Plastic recycling line is sold with these attachments and accessories:

  • Water pump
  • Heat exchanger
  • Centrifuge
  • Extraction blower
  • And more

The machine is in great working condition, and can be seen in production.
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