Tecnofer + Gamma Meccanica

Complete recycling line
Output: up to 600 kg/h
Tecnofer – shredding and washing
Gamma Meccanica – regranulation


Tecnofer + Gamma Meccanica | Plastic recycling line

Introducing a complete plastic recycling line – from washing and shredding to end product; plastic granules. This complete line can produce granules up to 600 kg/h.
The line is in good working condition.

Brand & Model: Tecnofer + Gamma Meccanica

Output: Up to 600 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

The line consists of:

  • Tecnofer – shredding and washing
  • Gamma Meccanica – regranulation


  • conveyor belt with a magnetic roller,
  • dynamic tub with a tank to the source of origin,
  • draining auger,
  • recirculation pump,
  • pre-centrifuge,
  • conveyor belt,
  • wet mill,
  • draining auger,
  • and many other.

Gamma Meccanica:

  • loading conveyor,
  • compactor with a feeding screw,
  • GM 125 extruder,
  • cutting head,
  • screen changer with hydraulic station,
  • centrifuge,
  • screw mixer,
  • and other.

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