Coated metal line

Material: 0.1-1 mm
Coating: 45-50 μm
Speed: 5 m/min

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Automated production line for coated metal parts

For production of bent products for a roof and a facade

Ref. No.: 8508

Type: Paint line & Bending equipment

Type of production: Bent coated metal products for a roof and a facade

Material that can be processed:
Zinc-coated steel sheets in rolls
Aluminum, copper or zinc

Material thickness:
0.1 – 1 mm
0.5 – 2 mm for bending

Coating: Polymer coating on one or both sides

Colors: Different color paint from “RAL” catalogue

Coating layer thickness: 45-50 μm

Speed: Up to 5 m/min

In good working condition. Can be seen in production. Contact us for more information.