KMT KM-LD70S1400

Screw Diameter: 75 mm
Output: Up to 170 Kg/h
Take off: 1400 mm

KMT Mono Layer Extruder

For production of PE, EVA and other blends Films

Used KMT Mono Layer Extruder in good working conditions. Please contact us for full details.

Brand & Model: KMT KM-LD70S1400

Materials to be processed: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, other blends (film thickness range 25-150 micron)

Extruders: Screw diam: 75 mm; L/D 30; 9 heating zones


  • Blown film die head, rotating
  • Die diameter 120mm, 150mm, 250mm

Die Gap: 1 mm

Output: Up to 170 kg/hour depending on material formulation

Air ring: Dual flow air ring

Take off: Take off 1400 mm wide; water cooled

Rewind: Back-to-back winder, fully automatic roll change

  • Maximum line speed 100 m/min
  • Reel diameter up to 900 mm
  • Winding width min 320mm – max 1300mm


  • Web guide
  • Dosing system, TSM Gravimetric, 4 components
  • Motorized calibrating basket, Teflon coated rolls
  • Please contact us for a full list