Plastic Squeezer Dryer
Final humidity: < 1%
Screw diameter: 350 mm
Output: Up to 1,5 ton/h


GENIUSPLAS | Plastic densifier machine – 2 units

Revolutionize plastic recycling with the Squeezers from GENIUSPLAS, an exceptional equipment for plastic recycling. With a 350mm screw diameter and an impressive output capacity of up to 1.5 tons per hour.
Machine is in good working condition.

Brand & Model: GENIUSPLAS DW-350

Material that can be processed: Plastics and PP woven bags

Type: Squeezer / Dryer/ Densyfier – equipment for plastic recycling

Method of operation:

  • Controlled by a Dual-way mix tank, two sets of DW-350 plastic squeeze dryers and SIEMENS HMI system.
  • Dual-way mix tank. The bottom of the mix tank bypass system controlled by PLC
  • The final humidity is less than 1% after being processed.

Screw diameter: 350 mm

Output capacity: Up to 1,5 ton/h, depending on material

The secondhand plastic densifier machine is available for sale – 2 units. Contact us for more information.