EM LabEx – Three Layer

Lab Extruder
3 Layer

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3 Layer – Mini Extruder

EM LabEx-3

The EM LabEx-3 is a 3 Layer lab extruder. This model is ideal for new material formula development, film blowing property test, master batch colour dispersion test, optimization of blown film extrusion process parameters, or simply for production of  tubular blown film. The lab extruder can process biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, recycled material, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, masterbatch, plastic additives, as well as functional masterbatch. The EM LabEx is a useful equipment to analyse the film blowing properties of a given material.


  • Compact design
  • Fast installation, plug and play
  • Operator friendly touch screen
  • Easy programmable
  • Quick and safe operation
  • On wheels for easy transport
  • Easy cleaning for fast change
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low sound level
  • Competitive price

Winder: EM LabEx comes with a standard driven contact free winder. Aluminum rollers with quality bearings for best performance. Tension and winding speed are electronically controlled.

Material Hoppers: EM Labex features robust stainless steel hopper for material loading. They come as standard for all machines. We offer sliding hoppers as an optional addon that work in 3 positions.

Extrusion Tower: EM Labex comes with a high quality aluminum extrusion tower. The tower is designed and built to give excellent stability and cooling performance for most materials.

HMI Screen: EM LabEx has an easy-to-use and easy-to-read HMI display. This screen is the control center for the operation of the machine. Batches can be launched with a few simple taps. The overview of the machine status is easy to read.

Screws: EM LabEx includes a 25 mm diameter general purpose barrier screw. The screw is produced of high quality steel and has a chrome plated finish.

Typical Application Areas:

  • R&D test of new polymers, MaterBi, Bio-based plastic materials, RECYCLED granules, processing small batches, producing samples for customers, optimizing the extrusion production.

Machine is brand new and ready for be ordered today. We have working models of this machine ready to be shown, please contact us to set up an inspection. We will be happy to hear from you.

If you would like to see our dedicated webpage for the three-layer, please go to EM LabEx 3-layer.