Wood Pellet Plant

Hammer mill
Silos for collection and storage
Chipping Machine
And much more…

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Complete Wood Pellet Plant

High end Production Line – High Quality Pellets

Used Wood Pellet Plant in good working conditions. The machine consists of the following parts:

  • MAXIM 420 Chipping Machine
  • Distribution board with a control system
  • Plant Conveyor Belt
  • Drum Rotor with four moving blades and a solid knife edge
  • Hammer Mill Model H75
  • Spare Hammer Mill
  • Silos for collection and storage
  • Automatic Burner with rotary star
  • Combustion Chamber + Drying Cylinder
  • Ventilators
  • Granulation and Cooling
  • Two presses SIMI 520 3C H
  • Coller a vibratory sieve mod RFS 10/10
  • RFC Model Counter – Current Cooler
  • SEV Model Vibrating Sifter
  • PKT Veritcal Packaging Machine Mod.V5/10 SPECIAl
  • Palletiser – UMBRA PACKAGING
  • Atlanta Stretch Industrial Winder – Model: Mytho – A

Euro Machinery is selling this wood pellet plant for a customer. We have full description of the machines and parts of the plant. Please contact us for full technical specifications. We have great experience with finding the best recycling equipment for our customers.