ADLER – Shredder

Single shaft
3×5 rotor knives
2×5 stator knives
500 kg/h

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ADLER – Shredder

Processing different types of post-consumer and post-industrial materials

Brand & Model: ADLER 22 KW Type: Single shaft

Rotor: Length 1500 mm x diam. 250 mm

Cutter house: 3×5 pcs rotor knives 2×5 pcs stator knives

Motor type and size: 22 kW

Output: 500 kg/h depending on the type of material, blower and feeding rate.

Hopper inlet: 1500 mm X 180 mm

Material that can be processed: Films

Attachments and accessories:

  • Cyclone
  • Reel winder for automatic material feeding
  • 2 turbines for placing Big Bag
  • Control console

In good working conditions. Can be seen in production. Please contact us for more information.