Recycling PET towards a circular economy

The concept of Circular Economy is on the agenda in many countries around the world. Therefore, many companies have implemented, or plan to implement strategies to contribute to the circular economy by using materials in ways that benefit the environment, people, and businesses.  
Many countries have long been engaged in processing and disposal of their waste. However, there is still major problems in some countries with recycling. Resulting in piles of waste around the large cites and plastic pollution in the nature and ocean.    

Solution towards circular economy 

Annually the world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste, and the number is raising each year. 12% of which is plastic (datatopics.worldbank). A significant part of plastic waste is PET bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate), where its decomposition in natural conditions can take hundreds of years. If every company aims towards a circular economy this problem with waste will slowly begin to be solved. 

This derives that recycling plastic bottles it’s a step towards a circular economy – designed to benefit environment, society, and business.  

Today there are technologies for recycling PET plastic bottles and popular brands as Vacurema Prime recycling, Starlinger RECOSTAR machine and more.  

Recycling process for PET bottles  

PET resins that are obtained from plastic bottles, are reused in the production of various polymer products. The technology of turning old bottles into raw material again is of the highest importance. The process of recycling PET bottles is as follows: 

  1. PET – Collected and delivered to the recycling plant. 
  1. Sorting – PET is sorted from other waste. 
  1. Crushing / Shredding – Sorted PET is reduced in size. 
  1. Washing – This step cleans the shredded plastic to remove contamination. 
  1. Centrifuge – After washing is thoroughly dried in a centrifuge and dryer. 
  1. Sorting PET by colour. 
  1. Crystallization – The plastic is dried to produce quality pellets.  
  1. Extrusion – Melted at 270°C 
  1. Granulation – Last process is forming identical granules the same size and weight. 

Recycled PET is “estimated to lead the plastics recycled market…” due to its ability to be used in new PET products (globenewswire). This benefits not only businesses but also the environment and society.  

Euro Machinery aims to offer superior quality second-hand machinery for recycling PET 

Euro Machinery is proud to offer quality second hand machinery for recycling PET that can support businesses in the circular economy. See our available second-hand recycling PET line – Vacurema Prime 1716 T and Starlinger RECOSTAR 65 PET iV . Both are in excellent working condition and can be inspected in production before buying.  
Besides recycling PET bottles, Euro Machinery can provide solutions to your business with different recycling equipment for different types of plastics that are found on the market.  

Equipment for recycling different plastic like shredders, granulators, agglomerators, compactors, balers and others.  
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